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SPARQ Training Tutorials

 TitleDescriptionSizeModified DateCreated Date 
Change a Sub-GranteeChange a participant's sub-grantee1.59 MB8/17/20108/17/2010Download
RecertifyEntering recertifications1.10 MB8/17/20108/17/2010Download
2nd EnrollmentAdding a second enrollment2.39 MB8/17/20108/17/2010Download
CSA Hours for Multiple ParticipantsEntering CSA hours for participants using the Admin function950.86 KB8/17/20108/17/2010Download
Create User AccountCreate user accounts and roles1.26 MB8/17/20108/17/2010Download
View a Participant Viewing a participant profile938.87 KB8/17/20108/17/2010Download
Transfer a ParticipantTransfering participants to another grantee2.65 MB8/17/20108/17/2010Download